Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Empowering Youth and Confronting Challenges in Haiti - Proud of You Sis! with Danni Benson

Danni Benson invites Betty Augustine, the founder of Ede Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to philanthropy and mentoring children in Haiti. The discussion revolves around the challenges faced by Haiti, including political turmoil and the need for strong community leadership. Betty shares her personal journey from Haiti to Brooklyn, her experience in overcoming obstacles, and the inspiration behind her dedication to youth empowerment and mental health. They discuss the importance of parental communication, the impact of bullying, and strategies for addressing mental health issues and building resilience in children. Additionally, the episode highlights the significance of understanding a child's love language, investing time in building relationships, and the efforts of Ede Youth in providing workshops for both youth and parents on various topics including stress management and financial literacy. Danni and Betty stress the need for proactive involvement in children's lives and the potential of the youth as future leaders.

00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introducing Dani Benson and Special Guest
00:29 Spotlight on Ede Youth: Empowering Haiti's Next Generation
02:25 Betty's Inspiring Journey: From Haiti to Brooklyn
03:57 The Importance of Communication and Understanding in Parenting
04:17 Navigating Challenges: Betty's Transition to America
08:03 The Power of Empathy and Mental Health Awareness
21:01 Understanding and Supporting Our Children's Mental Health
25:19 Empowering Youth: The Mission of Ede Youth and Beyond
26:07 Discovering Your Gift: A Conversation on Youth Empowerment
26:21 The Critical Role of Listening in Youth Mentorship
27:26 Addressing Youth Depression: Signs, Solutions, and Support
27:42 Empowering Parents and Youth Through Workshops
33:51 The Power of Communication: Breaking Generational Trauma
36:26 Overcoming Personal Struggles: Stories of Resilience
44:00 The Importance of Presence in Relationships
48:26 Closing Remarks: A Call to Action for Mental Health Awareness

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