Proud of You Sis! with Danni Benson

Proud of You Sis from Big Mouth Media is a celebration of human accomplishments. Entrepreneur Danni Bensons sits down with amazing people to give them their flowers. These inspiring stories are captured here and are part of Danni’s broader mission to promote self-love.

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Thursday May 02, 2024

In this episode of 'I'm Proud of You, Sis,' hosted by Danni Benson and guest Linda Williams shares her journey from etiquette consultant to author of four books. Linda provides insights into the process of becoming an author, including writing, publishing, and marketing books. She emphasizes self-publishing as a viable option, detailing steps from concept to publication and highlighting the role of editors and illustrators. Linda also discusses the importance of maintaining civility and etiquette in modern society. Additionally, she introduces her workshops on authorship and etiquette, aimed at empowering individuals to tell their stories and behave courteously in various social settings.
00:00 Welcome and Introduction00:40 Becoming an Author: Dreams and Realities00:59 Meet Linda Williams: Author and Expert03:28 The Journey of Writing and Publishing05:50 Exploring Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing08:20 The Role of a Book Coach in Your Author Journey11:15 Linda's Books and the Impact of Storytelling15:24 The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Seminars and Workshops16:18 Navigating the Editing and Publishing Process18:19 The Importance of Book Covers and Marketing22:05 Understanding Royalties and Passive Income25:21 Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Christian Writing26:55 The Journey from Amateur to Certified Book Coach28:14 The Decline of Etiquette and Kindness in Society28:43 The Role of Technology and Busy Lifestyles in Eroding Social Skills32:37 Reviving Civility: A Call to Action35:06 Navigating the World of Remote Work Etiquette37:59 The Importance of Leading by Example41:51 A Personal Mission to Foster Respect and Civility45:58 Empowering the Next Generation Through Etiquette Workshops47:53 Closing Thoughts and Upcoming Seminar Announcement

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Danni Benson invites Betty Augustine, the founder of Ede Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to philanthropy and mentoring children in Haiti. The discussion revolves around the challenges faced by Haiti, including political turmoil and the need for strong community leadership. Betty shares her personal journey from Haiti to Brooklyn, her experience in overcoming obstacles, and the inspiration behind her dedication to youth empowerment and mental health. They discuss the importance of parental communication, the impact of bullying, and strategies for addressing mental health issues and building resilience in children. Additionally, the episode highlights the significance of understanding a child's love language, investing time in building relationships, and the efforts of Ede Youth in providing workshops for both youth and parents on various topics including stress management and financial literacy. Danni and Betty stress the need for proactive involvement in children's lives and the potential of the youth as future leaders.
00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introducing Dani Benson and Special Guest00:29 Spotlight on Ede Youth: Empowering Haiti's Next Generation02:25 Betty's Inspiring Journey: From Haiti to Brooklyn03:57 The Importance of Communication and Understanding in Parenting04:17 Navigating Challenges: Betty's Transition to America08:03 The Power of Empathy and Mental Health Awareness21:01 Understanding and Supporting Our Children's Mental Health25:19 Empowering Youth: The Mission of Ede Youth and Beyond26:07 Discovering Your Gift: A Conversation on Youth Empowerment26:21 The Critical Role of Listening in Youth Mentorship27:26 Addressing Youth Depression: Signs, Solutions, and Support27:42 Empowering Parents and Youth Through Workshops33:51 The Power of Communication: Breaking Generational Trauma36:26 Overcoming Personal Struggles: Stories of Resilience44:00 The Importance of Presence in Relationships48:26 Closing Remarks: A Call to Action for Mental Health Awareness

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

In the podcast, 'I'm Proud of You Sis', host Danni Benson rings in 2024 with optimism for the future and echoes of past trials and triumphs. Her guest, Kevin, shares his commitment to fitness, serves up meaningful tips on the importance of nurturing your physical health, and compares lifestyle habits. They also dive deep into discussions involving the world of comedy, touching on comedians from Richard Pryor to Dave Chappelle, highlighting the nuances of their captivating humor. The podcast takes interesting shifts into critical societal topics such as gender equality and the changing landscape in sports. Danni also brings up thoughts on modern relationships and inherent communication differences between men and women. Lastly, they touch on popular culture topics, discussing celebrities like Taylor Swift, LeBron James, and Mike Tyson while decrying cancel culture.
00:00 Welcoming the New Year and Setting Intentions01:15 Introducing the Guest: Kevin02:24 Kevin's Fitness Journey and Tips03:16 The Importance of Staying Active and Healthy05:12 The Struggles of Dieting and Portion Control08:28 The Challenges of Aging and Retirement12:07 The Evolution of Comedy and Society's Sensitivity14:05 The Impact of Comedy on Personal Lives22:34 The Mount Rushmore of Comedians28:42 Reflecting on Mike Tyson's Career29:55 The Tragic Loss of Tyson's Daughter30:34 The Pressure on Young People31:37 The Comedy Special of the Year32:15 The Controversy Surrounding Dave Chappelle33:44 The Dark Side of Hollywood34:12 The Crack Epidemic and Conspiracy Theories36:11 The Pressure of Expectations and Perception37:27 The Struggles of Modern Relationships41:36 The Debate on Gender Equality51:36 The Influence of Media on Body Image57:20 The Controversy Surrounding Kevin Hart

Friday Jan 05, 2024

Join our host Danni Benson as she explores the life and career of entertainer Kevin Thompson. Listen to the passionate recount of Kevin's journey in becoming a seasoned emcee for high-profile events, his love for writing, stand-up comedy, co-parenting and his unwavering commitment to personal growth. Learn from his experiences as he shares on his personal challenges, therapy, dealing with trauma, realizing his potential and his pursuit of a legacy. Garner inspiration from his take on life, parenting, the importance of empathy, his entrepreneurial mindset and how to adapt to changes.
00:13 Introduction and Welcoming Kevin Thompson00:49 Kevin's Journey and Experience in the Entertainment Industry04:10 Parenting Experiences and Challenges06:54 The Importance of Communication and Boundaries in Parenting07:15 Kevin's Personal Background and Family Influence08:11 The Role of Hustle and Hard Work in Success10:23 The Impact of Technology and Social Media on Modern Life14:24 The Importance of Authenticity and Self-Acceptance21:34 The Role of Technology in Professional Development28:41 The Impact of Birthdays and Celebrations on Personal Identity37:44 The Role of Pets in Family Life38:33 Discussing Preferences: Dogs vs Cats40:06 The Challenges of Pet Ownership40:29 The Impact of Pets on Children41:08 The Importance of Keeping Promises to Children41:46 The Unexpected Joys of Dog Ownership42:23 The Dangers of Pets Around Children43:18 The Complexities of Family Dynamics43:32 The Struggles of Growing Up in a Large Family44:53 The Importance of Trust and Consistency in Parenting50:47 The Journey to Becoming a Fitness Instructor51:56 The Challenges of Balancing Work and Personal Life55:56 The Importance of Living in the Moment59:12 The Struggles and Triumphs of Being a Black Man in America01:00:53 The Power of Writing and Personal Growth01:10:26 The Impact of Slavery on the Black Community01:14:16 The Unfair System of Incarceration01:15:18 The Dark History of Forced Labor01:16:02 The Impact of Slavery on Black Families01:18:20 The Struggles of Being a Black Man in America01:18:33 The Power of Technology and Positivity01:19:30 The Importance of Empathy and Humanity01:21:30 The Challenges of Adult Life and the Need for Perspective01:24:15 The Importance of Fatherhood in the Black Community01:30:32 The Impact of Canceling a Wedding01:32:59 The Importance of Personal Growth and Self-Improvement01:34:50 The Power of Education and Personal Ambition01:37:35 The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Host Danni Benson engages in a profound conversation with her guest, Busie Matsiko, a renowned public speaker and connector who is striving to unite the African diaspora and Black Americans with Africa. They discuss the importance of cultivating a positive mindset, overcoming personal challenges and the power of maintaining a vision board. Busie goes on to share her experiences as an immigrant in the U.S and stresses the significance of networking, reaching out to others for assistance and acting on one's dreams. The conversation ends with an invitation to her upcoming Vision Board event; 'Manifest Your Vision Board 2024' scheduled to take place in Chelsea at Gypsy Rose Bistro.
00:13 Introduction and Welcoming the Guest00:45 Introducing the Vision Board Event03:30 The Importance and Impact of Vision Boards05:06 Personal Goals and Vision Board Examples07:44 The Power of Sharing Information and Building Bridges13:38 Overcoming Rejection and Embracing Vulnerability22:12 Coping Mechanisms and Encouragement for Tough Times27:36 Understanding Sin and God's Love28:12 Overcoming Life's Challenges with Faith29:15 The Power of Prayer and Support30:37 Dealing with Fear and Procrastination31:40 Finding Strength in God's Presence32:50 Overcoming Fear and Embracing God's Promises33:41 The Importance of Letting Go and Trusting God35:32 Understanding the Struggles of Others37:22 The Power of Encouragement and Support37:46 The Importance of Each New Day38:09 The Power of Connection and Empathy47:02 The Opportunities in Africa47:24 The Importance of Telling Our Own Stories48:51 Encouraging Visits to Africa55:08 The Power of Showing Up and Networking56:29 Manifesting Your Vision for 2024

Monday Dec 04, 2023

In this enlightening episode, Danni Benson hosts Gayna Allert, an expert in holistic healing and alternative medicine. Gayna shares her expertise on various alternative healing techniques like frequency therapy and Biontology. She discusses how we can utilize our bodies’ natural frequencies and light to activate and improve our health, along with repairing any damage caused by modern lifestyle habits. Gayna further explains the BioScan technology which identifies what your body needs at a micro level, from supplements to nutrients. A must-watch for individuals seeking natural and effective ways to enhance their health and improve their lifestyle.
00:13 Introduction and Welcome00:57 Introducing the Guest and Topic: Holistic Healing01:34 Guest Introduction and Importance of Holistic Healing02:01 Understanding Holistic Healing and Its Benefits03:50 Exploring Bio Communication and Bio Scan08:06 Understanding Parasites and Their Impact on Health09:13 Discussion on Parasites and Their Effects16:28 Exploring Frequency Therapy and Biontology17:32 Understanding the Role of Light in Healing22:54 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

In this heartening conversation, Isabella Rose, a rising star in the world of acting and singing, discusses her journey into the industry, her passion for her craft, and her connection to her generation. She shares about her experience working with renowned figures like Steven Spielberg, her transition into producing her own album, and how her small-town upbringing in Georgia has shaped her into the person she is today. Isabella sheds light on how she deals with the pressures of fame and handling teenage insecurities. Additionally, she highlights the importance of self-belief and authenticity in the fast-paced world of showbiz, while also discussing her dreams of winning an Oscar, and her deep respect for other artists and how they've influenced her journey so far.
00:13 Introduction and Welcoming the Guest00:22 Appreciation for the Future Generation00:49 Introducing Isabella Rose02:51 Isabella's Journey and Background03:34 Isabella's Experience in New York and LA04:31 Isabella's Music Career and Upcoming Album05:33 Isabella's Transition from Childhood to Adulthood06:19 Isabella's Growth and Evolution08:10 Isabella's Experience with Social Media and its Impact19:23 Isabella's Upcoming Projects20:28 Advice for the Youth25:44 Finding Your Own Lane: Lessons from Beyonce and Taylor Swift26:23 Role Models and Inspirations28:20 Pageant World: A Return?28:50 Intermission: A Quick Break29:07 Why Returning to Pageants Could Be 'Cheating'30:32 Hobbies and Interests: Gaming, Hiking, and More31:11 Giving Back: The Artist's Responsibility32:43 Family and Fame: How They React34:37 Sibling Rivalry: Stories from Home37:20 Parents' Support: A Key to Success41:33 Advice for Aspiring Artists44:20 Closing Remarks and Future Projects

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Host Danni Benson shares this episode with Marsha Augustin as the two reminisce about their meeting in 2019 and their efforts on the self-love proclamation. The discuss the need to practice and perfect your craft and to keep chasing your dream, even when it seems difficult. Listen to their full conversation here!

Friday Nov 03, 2023

Danni Benson chats with fitness guru Jessica Dennehy about reaching for the stars, taking care of yourself and your kids! Listen to them discuss how you can reach your goals and fight through it all in this inspiring conversation on women's empowerment.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Host Danni Benson sits down with Theodora of Mompoint to discuss raising kids on respect. Operator of Mompoint, Theodora focuses on kids and discusses the challenges of raising her own while being an entrepreneur. Listen in as these amazing ladies talk about business and empowerment. 


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