Friday Jan 05, 2024

Entertainment, Personal Growth and Parenting - Proud of You Sis! with Danni Benson

Join our host Danni Benson as she explores the life and career of entertainer Kevin Thompson. Listen to the passionate recount of Kevin's journey in becoming a seasoned emcee for high-profile events, his love for writing, stand-up comedy, co-parenting and his unwavering commitment to personal growth. Learn from his experiences as he shares on his personal challenges, therapy, dealing with trauma, realizing his potential and his pursuit of a legacy. Garner inspiration from his take on life, parenting, the importance of empathy, his entrepreneurial mindset and how to adapt to changes.

00:13 Introduction and Welcoming Kevin Thompson
00:49 Kevin's Journey and Experience in the Entertainment Industry
04:10 Parenting Experiences and Challenges
06:54 The Importance of Communication and Boundaries in Parenting
07:15 Kevin's Personal Background and Family Influence
08:11 The Role of Hustle and Hard Work in Success
10:23 The Impact of Technology and Social Media on Modern Life
14:24 The Importance of Authenticity and Self-Acceptance
21:34 The Role of Technology in Professional Development
28:41 The Impact of Birthdays and Celebrations on Personal Identity
37:44 The Role of Pets in Family Life
38:33 Discussing Preferences: Dogs vs Cats
40:06 The Challenges of Pet Ownership
40:29 The Impact of Pets on Children
41:08 The Importance of Keeping Promises to Children
41:46 The Unexpected Joys of Dog Ownership
42:23 The Dangers of Pets Around Children
43:18 The Complexities of Family Dynamics
43:32 The Struggles of Growing Up in a Large Family
44:53 The Importance of Trust and Consistency in Parenting
50:47 The Journey to Becoming a Fitness Instructor
51:56 The Challenges of Balancing Work and Personal Life
55:56 The Importance of Living in the Moment
59:12 The Struggles and Triumphs of Being a Black Man in America
01:00:53 The Power of Writing and Personal Growth
01:10:26 The Impact of Slavery on the Black Community
01:14:16 The Unfair System of Incarceration
01:15:18 The Dark History of Forced Labor
01:16:02 The Impact of Slavery on Black Families
01:18:20 The Struggles of Being a Black Man in America
01:18:33 The Power of Technology and Positivity
01:19:30 The Importance of Empathy and Humanity
01:21:30 The Challenges of Adult Life and the Need for Perspective
01:24:15 The Importance of Fatherhood in the Black Community
01:30:32 The Impact of Canceling a Wedding
01:32:59 The Importance of Personal Growth and Self-Improvement
01:34:50 The Power of Education and Personal Ambition
01:37:35 The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

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