Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Manifesting Your Vision - Proud of You Sis! with Danni Benson

Host Danni Benson engages in a profound conversation with her guest, Busie Matsiko, a renowned public speaker and connector who is striving to unite the African diaspora and Black Americans with Africa. They discuss the importance of cultivating a positive mindset, overcoming personal challenges and the power of maintaining a vision board. Busie goes on to share her experiences as an immigrant in the U.S and stresses the significance of networking, reaching out to others for assistance and acting on one's dreams. The conversation ends with an invitation to her upcoming Vision Board event; 'Manifest Your Vision Board 2024' scheduled to take place in Chelsea at Gypsy Rose Bistro.

00:13 Introduction and Welcoming the Guest
00:45 Introducing the Vision Board Event
03:30 The Importance and Impact of Vision Boards
05:06 Personal Goals and Vision Board Examples
07:44 The Power of Sharing Information and Building Bridges
13:38 Overcoming Rejection and Embracing Vulnerability
22:12 Coping Mechanisms and Encouragement for Tough Times
27:36 Understanding Sin and God's Love
28:12 Overcoming Life's Challenges with Faith
29:15 The Power of Prayer and Support
30:37 Dealing with Fear and Procrastination
31:40 Finding Strength in God's Presence
32:50 Overcoming Fear and Embracing God's Promises
33:41 The Importance of Letting Go and Trusting God
35:32 Understanding the Struggles of Others
37:22 The Power of Encouragement and Support
37:46 The Importance of Each New Day
38:09 The Power of Connection and Empathy
47:02 The Opportunities in Africa
47:24 The Importance of Telling Our Own Stories
48:51 Encouraging Visits to Africa
55:08 The Power of Showing Up and Networking
56:29 Manifesting Your Vision for 2024

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