Thursday May 02, 2024

Turning Your Story into a Book with Author Linda Williams - Proud of You Sis! with Danni Benson

In this episode of 'I'm Proud of You, Sis,' hosted by Danni Benson and guest Linda Williams shares her journey from etiquette consultant to author of four books. Linda provides insights into the process of becoming an author, including writing, publishing, and marketing books. She emphasizes self-publishing as a viable option, detailing steps from concept to publication and highlighting the role of editors and illustrators. Linda also discusses the importance of maintaining civility and etiquette in modern society. Additionally, she introduces her workshops on authorship and etiquette, aimed at empowering individuals to tell their stories and behave courteously in various social settings.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction
00:40 Becoming an Author: Dreams and Realities
00:59 Meet Linda Williams: Author and Expert
03:28 The Journey of Writing and Publishing
05:50 Exploring Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing
08:20 The Role of a Book Coach in Your Author Journey
11:15 Linda's Books and the Impact of Storytelling
15:24 The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Seminars and Workshops
16:18 Navigating the Editing and Publishing Process
18:19 The Importance of Book Covers and Marketing
22:05 Understanding Royalties and Passive Income
25:21 Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Christian Writing
26:55 The Journey from Amateur to Certified Book Coach
28:14 The Decline of Etiquette and Kindness in Society
28:43 The Role of Technology and Busy Lifestyles in Eroding Social Skills
32:37 Reviving Civility: A Call to Action
35:06 Navigating the World of Remote Work Etiquette
37:59 The Importance of Leading by Example
41:51 A Personal Mission to Foster Respect and Civility
45:58 Empowering the Next Generation Through Etiquette Workshops
47:53 Closing Thoughts and Upcoming Seminar Announcement

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